Should you be planning to send your little one to a Northridge preschool, you must be informed about their curriculum to the last detail. Though, it is affirmed that it’s a plenty more than working parents can manage to teach their children at home, knowing the whole of it is an important to the decision making. Though all schools do not follow the same teaching routine or regime, nor content, they overall comprise the following:

Letters: The children are taught all the 26 letters of the English alphabet with their sounds. Following the verbal classes, they are also taught to write them, though the outcome is not always as striking as hoped.

Numbers: The children are acquainted to the number system and they are taught to count them, both forward and backward.

Colors: Children are told all about the basic shades and with repeated exhibition, they learn to identify them. Though at this stage, they may not be able to distinguish between purple and lilac, but the lessons of color help them differentiate the basics and knowing them by their names.

Drawing: Drawing is another fun lesson in the syllabus. Coloring helps to sharpen one’s sense of identification of colors. Side-by-side, one compliment the other, helping the child develop the idea better and recognize faster.

Shapes: In preschools, children are first introduced to forms and shapes. Squares, circles, cones, rounds, rectangles, etc. are drawn on the board and names are later attached to them to grow familiarity.