For every parent, there comes a time when they wonder whether or not they have chosen the right Granada Hills preschool for their child to study at. Second guessing your decisions is natural and it definitely helps you in ensuring that your child is getting the best of care and education while at school. This blogpost will provide you with some much needed help in this regard. Here is a list of signs that can help you understand whether or not your child’s preschool is well run and managed.


  • The quality of relationship that your child enjoys with his/her teachers and preschool staff.
  • The language that is used by the Granada Hills preschool in front of and while addressing the kids.
  • The quality of interaction between kids and teachers
  • Number of kids being handled by a single teacher
  • How does the school involve families and parents of kids in their learning and school activities
  • Frequency and quality of interaction between parents and teachers
  • Feedback provided by teachers on the progress of your child
  • Ability of the Granada Hills preschool to accept critical feedback from parents.
  • Teaching philosophy followed by the preschool to educate children
  • Add-on facilities present on campus such as medical assistance, potty training and the like.
  • Curriculum followed by the school and their consistency in following the same
  • Type of teaching aids and activities used for the benefit of kids
  • Outdoor activities and field trips that are offered to kids.

Make sure you assess all the above points to come to the conclusion of whether or not you made the right choice in terms of the best preschool for your child.