Kindergarten Program In Northridge

Redefining the education of young minds with petite school house

Kindergarten education in Northridge, CA is far more than simply learning how to read and write and getting a grip on rudimentary life skills. It is a time when these young minds are in the process of opening up and truly taking in the world around them. It is a time when they begin to develop unique personality traits and discover what they truly appreciate and dislike. It is a time when they pick up not only on crucial survival skills but also obtain a social understanding, sense of self, moral values and a penchant for exploration. It is the time that has been proven to be the most crucial in the overall formation and honing of their individuality.

You definitely wouldn’t want to risk wasting these precious years of your child in just any run-of-the-mill kindergarten in Northridge, CA.

Your child deserves the very best of everything and Petite School House will prove to be the top early learning academy in Northridge to provide for his/her education requirements. With the most experienced and well trained staff, equipped with all the necessary skills to handle child care and a set-up that offers a conducive environment for exploration, our Kindergarten in Northridge, CA truly is the best place to educate your kid. We work to ensure your child gets a safe set of surroundings in which to grow, discover and develop into an integrally good human being.

So sign up your toddler at one of the best early education academies in NorthridgePetite School House..