Child Day Care Center In Northridge

A new vision for early kids’ education with Petite School House

Taking responsibility for the early education and development of young minds is definitely not child’s play. It requires dedication, understanding of child psychology and of course a strong connection with the innocent hearts of these amazing young human beings. This is what Petite School House brings to the fore with its day care center in Northridge – a safe and conducive environment for children to grow and explore where the environment and people surrounding them actually understand what they need.

Our first and utmost priority is providing every child and his/her unique personality with exactly what he/she needs to grow and become a comprehensive individual. We pay close attention to each and every kid that we take under our care and ensure they get just the right encouragement and guidance to unlock their minds and test their potential. Our sole aim is to be one of the best child day care centers in Northridge where parents are assured that their children are not only well taken care of but also allowed to explore their imagination and discover the world with their own, unique viewpoint.

Early education is about so much more than getting children to learn how to read and write. And day care centers in Northridge should also be so much more than a place where children can spend time while their parents are at work. This difference in approach and service is something you can only find with Petite School House.

We invite you to visit our child care center in Northridge and witness our work firsthand! Petite School House truly is the best day care center in Northridge for your child. Enroll now!