The basics of a child’s manners develop at home, but matures in a preschool. Parents may teach the manners at home, but if the children do not find themselves in a place of application, that doesn’t count as learning. With time, they forget all about it from disuse and start behaving in unlikely ways. Preschools at Northridge shapes the behavior of children, right from the scratch. They are taught to greet each other, smile at strangers and friends, start a conversation and be interactive on the whole. Your child may not be able to find themselves in company of others of their age at home to try out these little things.

Sharing with Others

Aside being social, a child also learns to share at a preschool. The toys that they are given to play with are not assigned and so, the privilege of keeping one item to oneself is not granted. Unlike at home, they have to share their playthings with others present in the ground. It kindles a feeling of friendliness in them. How much willingness a child shows to share his toys with his neighbor is indicant of his future personality. Nevertheless, the teachers encourage sharing as a way of being interactive with one another.

Taking Care of One’s Self

Infants are always taken care of, be it at home or in preschools. But, they also learn to take care of themselves in preschool, in washing hands before lunch to keeping their belongings safe in their respective cubbies.