Making the decision to start checking out Northridge preschools can leave some parents with just a little tinge of guilt. After all, many adults these days never stepped foot into a classroom until their kindergarten years. With stay-at-home mothers much more common in generations past, the benefits of preschool weren’t widely known or accepted until the last decade or so.

If you’re feeling selfish about looking into a preschool or day care center Northridge provider, here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

  • Northridge preschools help kids excel – Multiple studies have shown that preschools, Northridge parents will find pave the way for academic success. Children who are exposed to more formal early childhood education tend to do better throughout their school careers. The likelihood of a child failing a grade goes down as does the need for special education classes. Studies have also shown that kids who attend preschool classes are more likely to graduate from high school.
  • Preschools help kids get ready for school – It’s a simple fact that the basic classroom rules introduced in many preschool settings can help kids more readily adjust to school when they must attend. Students who attend preschool classes at a child care center Northridge provider learn basic rules and respect for others just as readily as they do their ABCs and I, 2, 3s.
  • It’s just plain fun – While most little ones love staying home with mom, dad or another loved one, preschool exposes them to social and emotional development opportunities. A child care center Northridge provider can give kids a chance to learn, play, make friends and experience new adventures daily.

There’s nothing selfish about choosing a great preschool for a tot. Parents who do are likely to find the decision paves the way for future success while building an educational foundation that is solid.