There’s absolutely nothing easy about making the decision to place a little one in a Northridge or Granada Hills preschool. After all, when children are little, saying goodbye on a daily basis is just plain tough for doing parents. Making the decision to enroll a youngster in an age-appropriate, structured program can be one of the biggest gifts a parent can give a child though.

Not convinced that school days should begin before the kindergarten year? Here are just a few of the benefits that little ones gain when they attend reputable Northridge preschools:

  • A greater likelihood for future academic success – Numerous studies have shown that children who attend preschool classes do better in their later school years. The likelihood for failed grades and the need for remedial or special education classes goes down. Kids who attend preschools, Northridge parents will also find, are more likely to graduate.

  • Enhanced social and emotional development – Kids who attend structured day care center Northridge programs also gain an advantage when it comes to building social and emotional skills. By being exposed to classroom rules, lots of new people and tons of potential friends, children grow emotionally and socially faster.

  • Better school readiness – Getting kids who have never been exposed to lots peers or formal classroom rules ready for kindergarten isn’t easy. A structured Northridge child care center, however, can help ease little ones into a routine that will benefit them as they grow.

A child care center, Northridge moms and dads will discover, does more than provide a safe place for kids to go while parents work or tend to other business. Northridge preschools, in fact, can set kids up for future success while helping ignite a lifelong love of learning. This sacrifice for parents can turn out to be a tremendous gift for a little one.