Parents who are exploring preschools in Northridge, CA, are often surprised to learn how richly detailed their age-appropriate curriculum is. Designed to engage children on their own level and challenge them to tap into their natural wonderment, the best programs are meant to provide a solid educational foundation. What often surprises parents even more is that some of the better Northridge and Granada Hills preschool programs also offer extracurricular activities.

While extracurricular activities are most often associated with older children, the truth is even preschoolers can benefit. Here’s why:

  • They help youngsters explore and develop interests – Some Northridge child care center providers offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities. From the arts and foreign languages to sports-related programs, these fun enhancements to the day enable little ones to explore new things and gain an appreciation for them. In the case of activities like karate and soccer, they also encourage physical activity, which can be a big bonus.
  • The provide a fun way for kids to learn – Extracurricular activities at the preschool level are designed to be age-appropriate and fun. They can serve as a great end to the day after regular educational programming that allows kids to unwind, relax and have fun before heading home.
  • They reinforce lessons – While preschool extracurricular programs are intended to enhance the learning experience for young children in an enjoyable way, they also reinforce lessons already learned, such as classroom rules. They can also help children further develop their social skills as they make new friends and explore new interests.

A Granada Hills preschool that offers extracurricular activities provides a way for little ones to explore interests that go beyond the basics taught in the classroom. By enabling youngsters to explore the arts, language, science and sports, these programs help children develop skills and become more well-rounded.