Parents who are in the process of touring preschools in Northridge, CA, may find that some offer a pretty big lineup of extra-curricular activities. While this might be surprising to some parents, the reasons behind the enhanced educational opportunities make their importance clear.

Many Northridge child care center and preschool providers go above and beyond to enhance their programs with extra activities to help children explore their interests more fully. Extra-curricular activities can be critical for helping even young learners develop new skills, boost confidence and learn social skills that will serve them throughout life. While the lineup of extras offered by a Northridge or Granada Hills preschool may vary, the options may include:

  • Science – Hands-on, fun science-based afterschool programs help young learners gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Going beyond and reinforcing lessons learned in Northridge preschools’ classrooms, these programs can inspire a lifelong passion for science.
  • Arts – Music and dance are both outstanding extra-curricular activities for children in the preschool age group. These age-appropriate activities help children develop an appreciation for their arts while enabling them to have fun and explore their own talents in the process.
  • Sports – Soccer, swimming, karate and other similar pursuits can teach children about teamwork and discipline while also helping them stay fit and healthy. Swimming can be essential for ensuring little ones obtain this sometimes lifesaving skill.
  • Language – Preschoolers have an uncanny ability to soak up new language skills. With that in mind, some Northridge preschools offer language programs as extra-curricular activities. Spanish tends to be a top choice because of its practicality.

Extra-curricular activities can enhance the entire early learning experience for young children. From cooking classes to hands-on science programs, some preschools in Northridge, CA, make sure their kids have the opportunity to explore and grow interests beyond the basics taught in the classroom.