When childcare is required for a toddler or young child to accommodate parents’ work schedules, two basic choices present themselves. Parents can either select straight daycare or they might instead opt for a preschool Northridge facility. Both choices can provide safety and security to accommodate a child’s needs while parents work, but there are some compelling reasons why the latter might be the better choice.

Traditional daycares are designed to provide for the physical and emotional needs of young children in their care. They may offer basic activities and some opportunities for learning, as well. They differ from most qualified Northridge preschools in a few distinct areas though. It’s these differences that make many parents select a preschool in Northridge, CA, over standard childcare:

  • Age-appropriate curriculum – A Northridge preschool will stand apart from daycare by offering solid curriculum that is age-appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. This type of structure can help children begin building the foundation for successful educational careers while their parents work. Skills children are likely to build in this type of environment include language, mathematics, basic science, interpersonal and more.
  • Trained teachers – Preschools, Northridge parents will find, employ trained, credentialed early childhood teachers. This training enables teachers to help children learn and explore the world around them through age-appropriate, hands-on educational activities.
  • Structured, scheduled environment – Daycares do typically have daily routines, but preschools tend to go above and beyond by building learning time, playtime and socialization time into a daily schedule. This type of exposure to rules and structure can help prepare children more readily for kindergarten and grade school.

Parents in need of childcare to accommodate their daily routines are likely to find that Northridge preschools go beyond the basics. These structured environments can help young children learn and thrive while paving the way for future educational success.