Parents who want to provide their children with solid foundations for successful educational futures will find that preschool is the place to turn. While many programs accept children as young as age 2, that doesn’t mean all children are ready for this chapter in their lives at that specific number. Fortunately, there are signs that can help parents determine if their children are ready to benefit from preschools in Northridge, CA.

Moms and dads who want their little ones to benefit from early childhood education should look for these signs of readiness or help their kids develop the skills if they are not already in place:

  • Displays of independence – Children generally begin showing signs of independence around the age of 2. For preschool readiness, independence doesn’t mean being ready to take on the world though. It generally means being potty trained, and having the ability to wash hands, put on clothes and perform other simple tasks without assistance.
  • An ability to be away from home for short periods of time – Making the transition into a preschool or day care center Northridge program is typically easier if kids have been away from home before. Children who have been cared for by babysitters or relatives in the past, for example, tend to suffer less separation anxiety when they begin a preschool Northridge, CA, program. If time away hasn’t happened yet, start scheduling some. An afternoon with grandma, an overnight stay with an aunt or a play date at a friend’s house can all help with readiness.
  • An ability to work with others – Group activities conducted in most preschool settings may be a little overwhelming for youngsters who haven’t had much exposure to their peers. If this skill is lacking, consider taking a child to a local library for story time, setting up play dates with other kids and creating other opportunities for them to interact with children their own age.
  • An ability to follow a schedule – Preschool and kindergarten Northridge, CA, providers don’t glue little ones to desks for hours on end. They do, however, follow schedules. If a child isn’t on one, consider creating and keeping a regular schedule to make the transition easier.

Preschool provides a wonderful way for children to prepare for their social and educational futures. Making sure they have basic readiness skills can help ease the transition and pave the way for success.