It is that time of the year when you will have to go for several registrations and interviews for your child’s admission into a kindergarten in Northridge, CA. Even if you are familiar with the process then it is a good idea to call the kindergarten school and preschool office. Although the registration is free in most of the preschools, there are still some costs that you will need to bear. Your child should have taken their state medical exam and should get all their vaccinations done. Understand that the child will also have to undergo an eyesight examination, if the school’s admission process so requires.

The purpose of the kindergarten screening is not to determine whether or not your child will be admitted to kindergarten but rather it is to fulfill your child’s unique need that will be met when he/she goes to the school. From the teacher to the classroom and the program, the environment should be exactly favorable to your child’s needs. This is made possible only when the Northridge preschool has the requisite information in hand, which in turn is garnered through this screening process.

There are six primary areas that usually kindergarten schools promise to take up – cognitive, listening, language skills, sequencing skills, motor skills and social and emotional skills. Identifying the special needs of your child is must as the decision of the right school is important. Kindergarten registration is a simple and necessary process that might seem a little daunting at times. Knowing what to do during the registration at a preschool in Northridge, CA will help you get prepared for what is ahead. Lastly taking others advice and help would make the process less overwhelming.