Do you know what the biggest worry of parents is when their toddlers start growing up? It is to impart their children with the proper enculturation without hindering their childhood. But what when parents are busy with their own lives? Things get even worse when both the parents are working. So, how should one ensure the proper learning for their kid in this case?  You will say that the things are not that difficult if you are aware of the concept of Northridge preschools. But the actual question here is how will you choose the perfect school for your young one?

Well, you obviously don’t want your kid to get trapped in the wrong school, neither do you want to make the wrong decision that would be the cause of distance between you and your kid. So here are some questions you should consider to ask before finalizing a preschool for your kid:

  • Does the preschool timing fit in your family schedule? Does the preschool offer a full day child care? How many days a week will the classesbe? Consider how much your child can handle.
  • Do not forget to check that what the tuition fee covers. Some schools charge extra for transportation, special classes, lunch programs and field trips.  It’s your kid and your money, don’t ever hesitate to ask.
  • Does the school fall under provincial licensing regulations? In other words, are they legal?
  • What is the teaching approach? Do you agree with it? How qualified are the teachers?
  • Would the program help your child to gain both academic and social skills, or is it focused only on one?

Make sure that the preschool Northridge meet your child’s early learning requirement.