It’s not at all uncommon for parents who are considering placing their children in Northridge preschools to hear doing so is “lazy,” “selfish” and robs a child of quality time with a parent. While it’s true saying goodbye at the door each day might tug on the heartstrings just a little, making this move is one of the most selfless things a parent can do for a young child.

Here are just a few of the reasons why selecting a Granada Hills preschool is anything but selfish on the parent of a parent:

  • Preschool helps inspire a love of learning – When children are exposed to structured, age-appropriate preschool programs taught in warm, nurturing environments, the result is often a lifelong love of learning. The best Northridge preschools are designed and equipped to help children explore the world around them while providing the skills they’ll need to do well in school later one.

  • Kids who go to preschool tend to do better in school – The value of early childhood education has been documented in study after study. Children who attend preschools in Northridge, CA, and other locations around the world simply often do much better in school. This is, in part, due to the manner in which preschools prepare kids for formal education. It is also partially attributed to the passion for learning preschools can inspire.

  • Kids who attend preschool tend to develop stronger social skills – Interpersonal skills can be rather tricky for little ones to develop. This is especially so if they aren’t exposed to children their own age very often. A day care center Northridge placement results in a world of opportunities for kids to learn, hone and refine interpersonal skills that may serve them throughout life. Children in preschool learn to make friends, how to share, how to resolve conflicts and even how to compromise.

Parents might feel a tinge of guilty about considering Northridge preschools. The decision to seek out an exceptional program, however, is anything but selfish.