Making the decision to place a child in a Northridge preschool can be an emotional one for parents not quite ready to let go. After all, most parents would love for their babies to stay babies just a little bit longer. Since that’s not possible, parents can set their minds at ease looking for telltale signs that a toddler is ready for educational opportunities that go beyond what can be provided at home.

While preschool in Northridge, CA, programs are generally designed for kids a year or two out from kindergarten, there are exceptional facilities that take children in the early toddler years, as well. These Northridge preschools help spark an early passion for learning while assisting children in developing skills that can serve them throughout life. Here are some signs parents can watch for that will help them decide if it’s time to consider a child care center Northridge provider that offers age appropriate programming for toddlers before preschool:

  • Exuberant curiosity – Toddlers are curious about the world and everything around them. If they’re starting to explore and want to learn more, a preschool Northridge program designed for their age group can feed this curiosity and help it develop into a lifelong passion for learning.

  • Lack of stimulation – Even in highly doting, stay-at-home situations, parents may find themselves taxed for time to offer early educational training to develop pre-reading, mathematics and fine motor skills. If there is a concern on this front, Northridge preschools that have highly trained educators on staff can assist.

  • Lack of social opportunities – Children are generally pretty social creatures. If they lack the ability to meet others their own age to begin forming friendship skills, however, this could set them back down the road. A Northridge preschool can provide the perfect opportunity to expose kids to others their own age so that they may start developing social and interpersonal skills they’ll need throughout life.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the fleeting infant months and hello to the toddler years. This stage, however, is full of adventure as youngsters begin to explore the world around them. Northridge preschools can help parents of toddlers address their children’s early learning needs while potentially helping them build skills that will serve for years to come.